What to do with the Ashes of our loved ones after cremation is a difficult and very personal decision.  For many, the need to keep our nearest & dearest close by rules out the scattering of Ashes and even keeping their remains in an urn on the mantel piece holds little appeal. At Elizabeth May Memorials we recognise and understand how difficult this decision can be and we have worked over many years to create an elegant solution which provides both a fitting resting place for the Ashes of our loved ones and a focal point for our continued affection.

We have developed a beautiful range of Home and Garden Memorials designed to securely house Cremation Ashes and provide a Safe and Secure resting place for loved one's Ashes or favourite keep sakes and our quality craftsmanship ensures that your loved Ashes can remain in familiar surroundings and in your thoughts for years to come.

Each one of our secure Garden Cremation Memorials is supplied with our exclusive tamper resistant Ashes Vault which is Security bolted (key provided) to ensure the safety of its contents.Our secure Ashes Vaults fit all Cremation Urns and Poly-urns up to 162mm diameter and 298mm in length. Each of our Garden memorials is supplied with a Poly-urn. The solid machined Brass or Anodized Aluminium vault lids are also supplied with a selection of engraving discs which can be personalized at your convenience.

To view our full range of Cremation Ashes Memorials please see our Garden Memorials range.

 Secure Ashes Vault

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Our Garden Memorials fit all

Cremation Urns and Poly-urns upto 162mm diameter and 298mm in height

Double length vaults available and selected memorials




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